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Twists can be worn in a number of different ways. Flat, individual, single twisted, double twisted, and even triple twisted. Most of these twists are great for the active person that  wants gett up and go  hair without much fuss. Twists have long been seen as a little girls hair style, but with a little ingenuity from many natural stylists and their natural counterparts twist have been redesigned to suit many different ages and sexes. Twist generally last anywhere from two to three weeks and do need to be tied down at night. Extensions can be added to twist for length and fullness. Twisting the hair tight and or loose produces different styles and also effects how long the hairstyle will last. When adding extensions both human hair and synthetic hair can be used, but one should consult their natural hair stylist before purchasing because usually they have a preference. Depending on how the hair is twisted it may or may not be able to be washed. If it cannot be washed a waterless shampoo can be used to keep oder and buildup away. Usually a spray waterless shampoo is the best. If the hair can be washed it is best to wash the hair lightly and make sure to use a leave in conditioner instead of a regular conditioner. Regular conditioners tend to get stuck in between the twists causing buildup or worse. Individual twists provide the most versatility because they can be worn in many different ways. Flat twist are the most carefree they are already in a set style and only need to be tied down at night. Flat twist are not able to be washed so this is a perfect example of when you should use a dry or waterless shampoo instead of regular washing.

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