There are many style options for natural hair. With every style there are pros and cons. Over the next few weeks I want to cover different style options and the pros and cons of each in an effort to raise awareness to the many different things we can do to our hair. Since I have opened my natural Hair salon I am often asked " So do you only do braids in your salon?" It is as if braids are the only option for a person when they are going natural. Braids are only one part of many things that can be done. We can wear our hair straight, wavy, curly, and yes kinky. We can look good with our hair pinned up and even loose. We have the ability to do everything that non-naturals can do with a healthier head of hair in the end. Many naturals end up stuck in a rut doing the same style to their hair only because they do not know about any other styles and are scared that a new style will not give them the comfortable feeling the need. Hair is not just a thing that grows from the top of your head to make you look good, but it is also there to sometimes make you feel good, complete you, and to some even define you. No I am not my hair, but my hair is me. My hair sends a message to the world and it is a reflection of what I deem to be beauty.

When we make decisions on the style of our hair we consider many different factors. The weather, your lifestyle, your personal sense of style, and your budget. These are not the only factors but these are some of the most important.