Is your hair or scalp dry and or itchy? Are you on a moisture quest? Here are some solutions to these common issues. The first solution to a moisture deprived head of hair and scalp is the Moisture fusion treatment in this treatment the hair is in fused with moisture in a four step process that includes a 45 min stay under the huteifier (hair humidifier). at the end of this treatment your hair will be left feeling soft and looking moisturized without looking weighted down or greasy. Another solution is the use of light oils on the hair and scalp. some of these oils include but are not limited to lavender, tea tree, vitamin E, coconut oil, and sunflower oil. Different oils will have different benefits and will help with different issues with the hair and scalp. Most of these oils can be added to some of your favorite products and can also be used on their own. Shea butter is also great for treating dry scalp and can be used in conjunction with these oils. One thing I would beg you to avoid at all cost is the use of petroleum products also known as grease. all this product will do is clog your pores and coat your hair preventing the much needed moisture your hair needs from getting into your hair and scalp. Much like water rolls off skin that has had Vaseline applied to it so too will the moisture roll off you scalp and hair leaving your hair and scalp drier than when you started.