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Everyone's hair is different texturally but the basic structure of hair is the same. I wanted to take the time to go over the basic structure of hair and some of the most common terms used when describing hair. Hair is made of two structures the hair root and the  hair shaft. Within the hair root is the follicle,bulb,papilla,arrector pili muscle,and the sebaceous glands. Within the hair shaft there are three main layers the cuticle,cortex,and medulla. For the purpose of taking care of your hair the most important thing you should learn is the hair shaft. The outermost layer of the hair shaft is the cuticle. The cuticle is the first line of defense against damage to the hair strand.The cortex is the next layer of the hair shaft. The elasticity and natural hair color are found at this layer. Whenever there is a chemical or thermal service performed it is here where the changes will occur. Last but not least is the medulla it is the innermost layer of the hair shaft and is not always present in the hair, but it is also not necessary. Hair is described by the texture, thickness, and coarseness. Texture when referring to hair is the straightness or curliness of the hair. Thickness is the total amount of hair on ones head, and coarseness is the thickness of a single strand of hair. The thicker the strand the coarser the hair. Knowing these basics terms and structures will help in understanding what products will work best on your hair and how. It is important that you know how to describe your hair to your stylist when your initial phone conversation is done so that a correct plan of action can be put in place. Take some time and figure out what kind of hair you have. is your hair curly, or straight, is it thick or thin, and last but not least is your hair coarse or fine. It is possible that you may have more than one texture in your hair, more than one coarseness, and more than one level of thickness in different areas of the head. If you already have a Stylist you go to she can let you know where you stand in all three of these areas. 

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